Your search for an employee may start by tasking your own in-house human resource team for a search, only to discover that this is not only difficult and extremely time consuming, but your results may not align with your expectations and requirements. That is where we come in, to help you with a search. Working with us enables you to efficiently tap into our deep network of contacts and saves you time by finding the right individual to fill your key positions quickly.

As anyone who has had to fill a key position knows, the number of qualified executives is limited. Because many outstanding candidates have availed themselves of the many professional advantages by aligning with us, working with The Ouimette Group gives you an in with the available talent. We act as an extension of your company. In our partnership, we are ready to take the time to learn your company’s goals and understand your company’s culture.

Once the right candidate has been identified, we can act as an intermediary in negotiating compensation and benefits and communicating what would be expected of the executive should she accept the position. We give you feedback about any reservations that the executive has about accepting the position, and this works with both sides to bring both parties together in a win-win situation.

Simply put, our goal is building long-term relationships. As we work together, we’ll learn about your company’s culture and understand your company‚Äôs needs. This will save you valuable time on future searches and ensure that the right person joins your team!